This is a beta version of VietCorpus; therefore, only some basic functions are available. More functions and tools will be updated soon. The data contain about 50.000 segments (translation units) and will be updated regularly.

To get started with VietCorpus, users are required to register an account and then activate your account via the link sent to your mailbox.

Parallel concordance

The parallel concordance searches for words, phrases, tags, documents in one language and displays the results together with the translation version in another language.

For advanced users, the parallel concordance can display the information about sources of data and the searching results can be downloaded as an excel file. This function is especially beneficial for MA and PhD students when doing their thesis, for researchers in translation studies and contrastive linguistics, for lecturers in language teaching, and for professional translators.

Guide 01

In order to search in Parallel concordance, users are required to choose at least one corpus (available for you). The available corpus / corpora may include:

  • Public corpus / corpora offered by VietCorpus
  • Private corpus / corpora shared by another user
  • Your own corpus / corpora

My Corpus

Users can create their own corpus and upload their data (see the sample), then use the available tools / functions of VietCorpus for data analysis.

Step 1: Access “My Corpus”
Step 2: Choose “Create a new corpus”

Guide 02

Step 3: Provide your information as required

Guide 03

Choose appropriate options:

  • Allow download search results
  • Display sources in the search results
Step 4: Save
Step 5: Upload your data for analysis

Choose “Add a new document to this corpus”

Download the template file for reference.

Guide 04

Make sure that your data must be in the same format as the example.